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Taking You Into The Weekend With The Certified Platinum NBA Live 2003 Soundtrack

Is there a better combination out there in the video game world when it comes to playing the actual game and the soundtrack? For me, NBA Live 2003 is pretty damn high on that list. Hearing all these songs again was exactly the type of blast from the past I needed as we head into another quarantine weekend. In my opinion the old school NBA Lives were the GOAT when it came to basketball video games until 2K took over. You combine that with some of the best hip hop from the early 2000s and it's no surprise this shit went platinum. Banger after banger that you know every word to if you grew up around this time and played this game. Look at this list

Get Live - Snooop Dogg

Here We Go - Flipmode Squad

It's In The Game - Fabolous

Whoa Now - Brian Rich

Full Moon - Brandy ft Fat Joe

Ballin Boy - No Good

Blao - Hot Karl

If I Could Go - Angie Martinez/Lil Mo/Sacario

Too Hood - Monica ft Jermaine Dupri

Young and Sexy - Lyric

Let's Go - Just Blaze ft Freeway

So if you're looking for some type of playlist this weekend while maybe you have a quarantine zoom party or something, or maybe are looking for something to play while you do house chores, I can't recommend the 2003 Live soundtrack enough. 

Have a great weekend!