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Tekashi 6ix9ine Just Went Instagram Live For 2 Million Viewers To Troll All The Haters And Explain Why He Snitched

(Please bear with me on this blog I'm heavily medicated post hernia surgery)

For better or for worse the troll king is officially back. Tekashi 6ix9ine has made his first public appearance on the internet going live on Instagram for over 2 MILLION VIEWERS at it's peak. The previous record was less than 1 million. Absolutely insane numbers. He has absolutely zero intentions of holding back anything and completely acknowledged that he was a rat but doesn't give the slightest fuck. He spent a decent portion of the IG Live dancing in everyone's face, flexing million dollar watches and explaining that everyone he snitched on was disloyal to him first so why would he be loyal to them back. He stills claims he's the king of New York. and he's still telling all the haters to suck his dick. 

But the one thing that's indisputable at this point..... 6ix9ine put's asses in the seats. Here's his single he dropped today that has 500K views in an hour and over 8 million on instagram in 2 hours. Absolutely absurd.