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Randy Orton Had To Get 12 Staples In His Head After The WWE "Money In The Bank" PPV Last Night/Quick Thoughts on Cena Winning Again


Wrestling is so fake. Orton got 12 fake staples in his head after fake getting cut open and fake bleeding all over the place. Probably really fake hurts like a motherfucker.

As for the rest of the PPV, it was pretty good. The first ladder match was one of the best matches of the year. When it’s the midcarders who have nothing to lose, they put on fucking awesome matches. Kofi stole the show, and hopefully will be pushed a bit. As for the result, predictable and lame. Everyone knew Rollins was going to win, it just should have been in a not so shitty way.

Not really sure what their plan is with Sandow. He previously won MITB, and now is dressing up in costumes and jobbing. Oh how the mighty have fallen. The second coming of the Miz. Remember when the Miz headlined Mania? Yuck.

And then, this happened:


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 10.21.36 AM


Just of course. Of course Cena won. Nobody expected anything else, but there was always hope WWE would surprise us. But they didn’t.

They are in a weird spot right now. Since Daniel Bryan won the title and then immediately got hurt, they’ve been without a top guy. Tons of great talent, but no top guys. So of course Cena had to reclaim his top spot. They weren’t going to take a chance on a new guy winning. WWE/Vince lost 750 million dollar last month. Stockholders weren’t happy. Vince wasn’t happy. John Cena sells tshirts to 12 year olds. He sells action figures. It’s why they won’t do anything besides let him win. When you are a publicly traded company, you have other people to answer to. It’s why the company won’t ever be what it can be. It won’t ever touch the glory days. They have so much potential, but they won’t grow the balls and pull the trigger. So even though nobody over the age of 12 likes Cena, looks like he’s still going to be the guy. Which is the weirdest thing, because literally nobody gets booed out of arenas louder than Cena does.

So that’s where we’re at. Same ol’ shit with this company. As much as things continue to get better, and it really is getting better with all the new young guys who have all the talent in the world, they keep relying on the old people. I don’t know what it’s like to lose 750 million dollars, so I get why they did it. It’s for sure what’s best for business. But as a fan, it just sucks to see.