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Maryland Moves On, Set To Play A Tough WVU Team Tomorrow Night At 8:40

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 2.40.54 PM


It wasn’t pretty. It was way too close for comfort. But it’s how Maryland has won games for the better part of the season- close and down to the buzzer. Valpo’s Alec Peters was as good as advertised..I think the Terps got lucky he only took 7 3’s (hitting 4 of them) because that kid can flat out play.


For the Terps, Jake Layman struggled again. He has been a complete non-factor for the last month+. He only took 1 shot last night. That’s not going to do it. At all. He needs to find his game if the Terps’ season is going to continue.


Melo Trimble was a beast, as he always is. He helped make up for the Terps small interior by snagging 10 boards to go with his 14 points. Dez also added 14, as did sharp shooter Jared Nickens. Nickens is going to score a ton of points in his Maryland career. A ton.


Coming up tomorrow is a tough WVU team. I’m not going to sit here and have some false-confidence. WVU is probably the most underrated team in the tournament and a matchup nightmare for Maryland. The Terps are small inside. Just so small. Something like 160th in rebounding in the country. And WVU is the best offensive rebounding team in the tournament. That’s Maryland’s weakness, giving up too many offensive rebounds. WVU also has Bob Huggins on the bench, and there’s no arguing he’s an outstanding coach. I really hope the Terps can move on to face Kentucky, but man, I’m not happy about this matchup whatsoever.


Finally, thanks to all the readers who came out to the bar yesterday for the March Madness party. I hope you enjoyed your tshirts and boozing and all of that. Good crowd, great people, fun bar. Let’s do it again sometime.