You Will Not Be Able To Predict What This Advertisement Is Trying To Sell You

Watch the first 1:40 of this advertisement without skipping to the end. Do not look at the replies of the tweet. Just watch it and ask yourself what on earth could this advertisement possibly be trying to sell me. 

It looked to me not even like an advertisement. Possibly just a PSA with a message about female empowerment. When I saw the box on the couch around the 1:40 mark, I thought "oh, is this an advertisement for Pizza Hut?"

Or maybe another version of a food? 

Nope. Truly the furthest thing from it. It's a commercial for MONOPOLY:

It's Ms. Monopoly too!!! Finally, girls are allowed to play Monopoly!

I would've loved to be in the room for whoever came up with the idea for this commercial. If Monopoly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a marketing company to do this? It's even worse. 

This almost sounds like something that came out of a Nathan For You episode:


Woke advertising has gone too damn far. 

P.s. I know this Ad originally came out in 2019, but it's going viral on Twitter right now, so I thought I'd share considering I had never seen it until today.