Joe Burrow Intends To Repay OBJ For His Infamous "Loan" After The National Championship

LSU won the national championship in 2020. 

Of course, you know that, but doesn't it feel like it happened YEARS ago? What a wild timeline we are in. 

I, often, forget that we are only a few months removed from OBJ running around the Super Dome, just handing out money to LSU players. Remember that storyline? First it was "fake" money and then LSU "investigated the matter at hand." Then the video of OBJ slapping a police officer in the ass came out? The content this LSU team gave us was beyond what anyone expected.

On today's Pardon My Take, Joe Burrow informed the world that he will be returning said money to OBJ. 

"It was a loan all along."

That'd be a great way for boosters to get around the whole not paying recruits thing. "Yeah, I just gave this kid with zero credit score a loan with an interest rate of -100%. This is America, you can't tell me how to run my business."