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It's Vincent Trocheck Vs Nasher In Night 2 Of The Chiclets Cup Presented By DEVOUR Starting At 8pm EST

Tonight at 8pm EST it's Vincent Trochek of the Carolina Hurricanes vs Nasher in the second series of the Chiclets Cup brought to you by DEVOUR. What can you expect tonight? Well first off, we'll see if Nasher can live up to all the hype. For those who don't know, Nasher is the face of hockey gaming and runs an extremely popular Youtube page. Buddy is so good at NHL20 that Bauer sponsored him. Think about that for a second. That is how good he is. Trochek on the other hand will bring tons of stories of his days in San Antonio with the Whit Dog. Maybe we'll hear about the trade that recently sent him to Carolina? Regardless, going to be one hell of a stream tonight, so tune in. 

Also check out our Instagram after the series, where Michael Del Zotto will be putting on a live concert starting around 9pm.