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A Fair And Balanced Blog About Mike Pence Being Caught On A Hot Mic Asking To Carry Empty Boxes of PPE For The Cameras



This is the biggest story of the day so I have been written a fair and balanced blog about it. And I know this is impossible, but I don't even want people to make this a politics blog. Pretend Mike Pence is not affiliated with either party. Pretend he's Ross Perot. Because in 2020 is everything is always so divisive. No matter what happens, anyone who votes republican has to yell about Obama, everyone who votes democrat has to yell about Trump. But a lot of time, something is objectively funny and people would rather yell nonsense into the void than all agree that what we all are seeing is funny. And Mike Pence asking to carry empty boxes of PPE for the cameras is just that. 

The thing is, Pence is probably joking. He's an old dude, I'm sure he did lift some boxes, but he was like "how bout an empty one for the cameras". I can't lie, I'd rather lift an empty box too.


But I also think it's ok to be mad he's joking around about PPE when he's the head of this task force where thousands of people are still dying per day. I think it's a fair reaction to look at that video and be like "what an asshole that guy is". But honestly if you believe 95% of politicians have your best interests in mind, you're living with your head in the sand to begin with. Politics is about sound bites, photo ops,  narratives, pandering (hot sauce in my purse!), and money. It's a dirty, dirty career and it's why the "good" politicians rarely make a dent, because if you don't play "the game", you get dusted by those who will.

So watching Mike Pence carry an empty box of PPE for the cameras shouldn't shock you. He doesn't care about helping, he cares about the illusion of helping. He showed up between a lunch with donors and cigar hour with lobbyists to smile for the camera and say "America will be great once again!" before hopping back into his limo and getting the fuck out of there. That's politics.