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Jodie Comer Is My First Celebrity Crush In YEARS

 First off, if you haven’t watched Killing Eve, you should. It’s the best show I’ve watched since Game of Thrones was at its peak.

The character development, the plot, the execution both literally and figuratively are unmatched, and Jodie’s character is Villianelle is the sexist assassin in television history. The way that Jodie can bounce back and forth from different languages and accents is spellbinding.


Sandra Oh, of Grey’s Anatomy fame, is unreal in it too. Two televisions actors at the top of their craft in an extremely violent, sexy, and suspenseful way.

Jodie makes my heart flutter. Her sociopathic tendencies get my britches taut around the waist. Nothing gross. Nothing gross. Just movement that feels as fresh as the morning dew.

Watching Jodie, er Villanelle, manipulate her next victim is like the first time you hold hands at the movie theatre when you’re 14. You know you want it to happen but you’re not sure it will. Baited breath like when YP is in shark-infested waters. Next thing you know, some poor sap is sliced open whilst hanging from meat hooks and your television fingers are intertwined with hers in a way you haven’t experienced since Jennifer Love Hewitt was on tv lookin flier than Benny the Jets’ PF sneakers. 

Killing Eve. Watch it. You won’t regret it but, just so we’re clear, Villanelle is my television girlfriend so keep your eyes at eye level, you fucking perverts.

No second off. Keep em guessing like my lady.