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Battle Rapper Calls Opponent Snitch, Then Pulls Out The Court Documents To Prove It

The fact that this video has been making its rounds and going viral, despite it being 90% border and looking like it was filmed from the Sunken Place, really is a testament to how powerful of a rap battle round it was. 

Here's a slightly closer shot of the same round. Buckle in.


An all-time soul snatching. One of my problems with language over the last five to ten years is that words like "eviscerated" get thrown around all namby-pamby, after an over-the-top response or a harsh email, thus diluting the meaning of a truly beautiful word like "eviscerated." "Eviscerated" should be saved for instances like this; a slow, methodical disembowelment. Bigg K (the dude with the documents) dropped a whole new lens on the world thorough which we all see Ah Di Boom (his opponent) now. It was a perception changing round.

This was their face-off before the battle, and it was clear Bigg K had something up his sleeve.

And this was Ah Di Boom's interview after the battle. Pretty clear change in his presentation, which indicates how impactful the round was.

That's a broken man.

If you want to watch the entire half hour battle, it is definitely worth your time. The Dawg strikes again.