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What's The Perfect Sandwich Joint Meal Combo?

I was eating a lunch meat sandwich on a Hawaiian roll yesterday when it got me thinking - if you had to combine a three course meal from traditional sandwich restaurants, what would it look like?

Here in Indianapolis you have a "big three" if you will of sandwich places. 


-Jimmy John's

-Penn Station

So of course, my three course meal consists of these three places, and it's not really that close. 

Sandwich: Chicken Teriyaki from Penn Station

This is a mainstay in the lunch lineup. Basic, solid, and always tasty. Getting it to go or ordered can be risky due to the possibility of being cold by the time it gets back to you, but we'll ignore that for this scenario. It's going to be hot, fresh, and a damn good sandwich. 

Chips: Salt N' Vinegar from Jimmy John's

Life changers. Plain and simple. When you're a kid these kind of chips freak ya out a little bit. And when I started eating at Jimmy John's I'd get just the regular kettle cooked and maybe delve into the BBQ ones if I was feelin' wild, but all it took was one time of giving salt n' vinegar a shot and I've never looked back. Just an explosion of flavor and goodness in your mouth with every crunch. 

Cookies: Subway Chocolate Chip

True wild card here because if they get them just right they are literally the perfect cookie. No questions asked. But damn if you get a batch of crunchy ones then the whole meal is ruined. It's really hit or miss with each location, too. It's roulette if you're stopping at a Subway you've never been to before. A lot of people will try to get wild here with double chocolate chip or macadamia nut cookies. Not me. Give me simple. Give me reliable. Can't ever go wrong with chocolate chip - unless they're too crunchy. 

So there it is. The perfect meal from sandwich joints. Maybe do fast food next. Lemme know your ideal three.