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Mark Cuban Won't Close The Door On One Day Running For President

Do I have any clue as to how good Mark Cuban would be as President? Nope. Sure don't. But we live in a world where it doesn't really matter who you are, if you are popular enough and if you have enough money you can find yourself in the White House. I have no clue what his policies are or any of that shit, but it's pretty interesting to hear that Cuban was all in on running in 2020 before his family shut him down. I thought those were mostly just jokes on Twitter. I'm not certainly NOT a politics guy, but I am a Cuban guy. Love Mark Cuban as a basketball owner. I think how he's handled this whole coronavirus situation and the NBA hiatus has been pretty remarkable and a model for every other professional sports owner to follow. Does that translate to the White House? I'd say probably not but again it's not like things can get much worse in the world. 

I feel like he's someone who understands the economy, we know he's great at international relations, just look at his rosters over the years. Guy basically runs the UN of the NBA. Plus he's always been awesome on Pardon My Take which is all you need for my vote. I care more about that than actual politics stuff because again, not a huge politics guy

For being a billionaire, Mark Cuban is the closest thing I can think of to the common man of anyone who might one day run for President. The People's President if you will. You know he'll have NBA Twitter behind him which might be the most powerful force on the internet. I feel like everyone like Mark Cuban no matter what side of the aisle you find yourself on. Who even knows what the world will look like in 2024, but if I have to come up with a list of super smart people that could one day be in charge, Cuban is for sure somewhere on that list. 

The only thing I can see standing in the way of this is Luka. If Luka blossoms like we all think he will in the next four years and the Mavs are contending for a title, is Cuban going to give that up to run our fucked up country? I'd much rather just sit courtside and watch my young phenom dominate, but I guess that's why I'll never be President.