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Man Pushes For "Couples Weekend" To Be During Team's Bye Week

The 2020 NFL schedule was released to the nation on Thursday night. 

It's an important night for football fans everywhere, but it's not just because we find out when our favorite team plays and whom they play against. No, it's also important because this time of year is when the fall trips and activities start getting planned. 

Men across the country are dealt with the excitement of looking ahead to what matchup they can't wait for during the season while also handling the inevitable boyfriend / husband duties that come with the leaves turning ever year. 

No one is feeling this more than David Sasse. 

Sasse, 32, has been married to his college sweetheart for five years now and while he was thrilled about the Colts schedule, he knows that the Mrs. has mentioned planning a couples weekend with her college roommate this coming October. 

"Look, they're a really fun couple and she's happy when we get to hangout with them, but I'm not risking missing Joe Burrow come to town October 18. We only get 8 of these things, and I can't just give one up - even if it's against the Bengals" Sasse told Barstool Sports.

The bye week is the following week for Indianapolis - the last weekend in October. It's one that Sasse is doing everything he can to show excitement towards that weekend working without making it obvious that it's because there is no football.

 But with the final weekend in October comes Halloween parties, and that's a no-go for his wife who has won "Best Costume" in back-to-back years and is not willing to relinquish her crown just yet. 

It's a true catch-22. 

So with both of those off the calendar for now, all eyes turn to the Colts trip to Chicago on October 4th. While it's tempting for Sasse to try to make it a 2-for-1 weekend with them and their friends enjoying a Saturday in the city then the game on Sunday, the Mrs. doesn't feel the same. 

"She just tells me 'my idea of a weekend away doesn't include shotgunning beers in a parking lot and yelling at Frank Reich's playcalling'. I thought it was a good compromise," Sasse said.

Luckily for David it's only May, and there is still plenty of time to try to figure out the right compromise for couple's weekend this fall. But one thing remains for sure, it looks like he can say goodbye to a good bye.