The NCAA Is Going After Kansas Hoops For 'Egregious And Severe' Violations, Including Bill Self Wearing A Money Sign Necklace And Adidas T-Shirt

So we're still in the middle of this whole FBI investigation and NCAA violations bullshit. I'm not going to get too much into it, because I've already blogged it at length. But the way the process works, the NCAA sends out notice of allegations, programs have 90 days to respond then the NCAA responds and so forth. That's where we're at now. 

So the NCAA responded to Kansas with a 92 page PDF! I'd argue that's already cruel and unusual punishment. Who the fuck wants to read a 92 page PDF? 

And yeah, it probably doesn't look great for Bill Self or Kansas. Getting hit with 5 Level I violations isn't a great sign. You're talking postseason ban and/or Bill Self getting hit with a show cause. That's all irrelevant right now because 1) it's going to take at least another year until we find out punishments and even then we have courts to deal with but 2) the NCAA responded about Bill Self wearing a money sign chain and an Adidas t-shirt! 

Now what am I and the NCAA talking about here? The same week Kansas got hit with pay-for-play allegations, they tweeted out this video. 

Like, this is from their real athletics twitter account and everything. It's fucking hilarious. The NCAA is hitting Kansas with major allegations thanks to Adidas paying players for Kansas. So what does Bill Self do? Waltz around in a video wearing a big ass Adidas shirt and a dollar bill chain. The shirt didn't even have a Kansas logo on it! It was just a free ad for Adidas who was (allegedly) paying players for you. 

I need the NCAA in court debating this video. Need it.