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Green Street Hooligans (FULL MOVIE)

I'm on an absolute heater with the full movies since we got to quarantine and this is no exception. One of the all time classic hardo coming of age movies that will make your teenage blood boil the first time you see it. Even though you grew up in a comfortable suburban neighborhood with a two car garage and above ground swimming pool. Even though you've been in one fight in your entire life and it was in junior high on Halloween because your girlfriend got egged. (You lost.) A few years later, still reeling in defeat, you see Green Street Hooligans for the 1st time and you can't help but want to move to London and join a football street gang. It gives an insatiable thirst for unnecessary bloodshed but more importantly, a robust appreciation for the bond of man in the wake of violence. Also, Elijah Wood's sister is on FIRE. The kind of bone structure that breeds for generations. Not trying to horn it up here but worth a mention before we roll the tape. 

Finally, probably most telling is the Rotten Tomatoes spread. One of the all time greats in my lifetime: 87 Fans. 47 Critics. Nothing better than a movie snobs hate that the common people love. Hit it.