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No Bias From Me, No Prejudice From You: The Browns Are Going 12-4 This Year

MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE: You have just entered a no bias zone. I have agreed to put my beautifully crafted, hand-painted, orange and brown tinted glasses made straight from Ohio Buckeye tree wood aside, but I am asking you to do the same with your usual hatred/jealousy of the pound for pound most powerful state in the union. Let's just talk football, okay? Let's look at talent levels. Let's look at coaching prowess. Let's look at FACTS ONLY.

Here's the Browns 2020 schedule:

And here is how I see it shaking out:

Week 1: @ Baltimore - Loss

See? I told you we were being unbiased here. For the 15th time in 15 years, the Browns will open the season without a win. Honestly, when you haven't won an opener in so long, it makes you think that the commissioner is out to get us when he puts us up against the defending division champs and probably AFC championship favorites on the road in Week 1, but it is what it is. And I know the Browns won 40-25 last year in Baltimore and proved that it really isn't that hard at all, but I'll still give the Ravens this one. No way they cover the 10 point spread though. There's free money to be had, folks. Ravens 27, Browns 23: 0-1 record


Week 2: Cincinnati - Win

Easiest game on the schedule. Thursday Night, at home, we're 0-1, and we are playing a rookie QB? I hope Myles Garrett doesn't have a big lunch that day because he's going to be eating the Bengals offensive line alive all night. The Browns will establish themselves as the PREMIER professional football team in the state of Ohio in this game. It won't even be close. Browns 43, Bengals 14: 1-1 record

Week 3: Washington - Win

Red Berry. Red Velvet. And Redskins. My three favorite types of cupcakes. How lucky are we to get to play the NFC East this year? You gotta take the guaranteed wins when you can, and Washington is 100.00% a victory. They have three players worth a damn in the entire organization: Chase Young, Dwayne Haskins, and Terry McLaurin. 3 players does not beat 22 and an astute coach. And we're at home?? Browns 30, Redskins 13: 2-1 record

Week 4: @ Dallas - Loss

Let me say this: it took everything I had to not mark this game as a win, but I'm working on becoming more of a reputable reporter than just an Ohio rider. Objectively speaking though, the Browns have a better offense, defense, and we both have a new coach. Advantage should clearly go to Cleveland. BUT I'm a huge mental aspect guy. 90% of the game is up top. Just as when we were 0-1 and I said there's no way we fall to 0-2 vs. the Bengals, I could imagine a world where Baker and OBJ come into this game with a big head because we're 2-1. I think the Cowboys have a slight chance to knock us off our high horse here, especially in Dallas. Cowboys 21, Browns 17: 2-2 record

Week 5: Indianapolis - Win

Probably the most important game of the year. Maybe of the decade, if you really think about the implications. A win here and we're off to the races with a winning record and trash teams the next couple weeks. A loss, and we're under .500 after 5 games for like the 1000th straight season. 2-3 can turn into 2-5 real quick, and then you're already playing the "if we win out..." card. Let's leave some room for error. And let's actually win an important game ONE TIME. I've got the Browns showing up to play at home here. Browns 24, Colts 21: 3-2 record

Week 6: @ Pittsburgh - Win

LOL. I can't help but literally laugh out loud when I picture the Steelers and their stupid little fans with their stupid little towels trying to boo Myles Garrett as he runs out onto the field in Pittsburgh. Yeah, he tried to murder your backup quarterback. And honestly, it would've probably done you guys a favor. Mason Rudolph stinks. But to think that booing and howling at Myles is going to do anything other than propel him to a 5 sack performance in your stadium is hilarious. This one will be ugly, both of the field and on the scoreboard. Browns 31, Steelers 10: 4-2 record

Week 7: @ Cincinnati - Win

By week 7, you already have a general idea of who the playoff teams are. The Browns will be 4-2 and in contention, and the Bengals will be 1-5 and realizing that they need a whole lot more than former Ohio State quarterback Joe Burrow to compete in this league. The Browns will want this one more. The Browns will need this one more. Browns 27, Bengals 10: 5-2 record

Week 8: Las Vegas - Win

Let me just say that I'm glad the Raiders are at the Browns and not visa versa. Baker and OBJ in Las Vegas for a weekend could be what we in the industry like to call dangerous. Luckily for us, there's nothing to do in Cleveland, Ohio. The boys will be focused. They want to head into their Bye Week with another win and a nice little 4 game win streak. Browns 24, Raiders 21: 6-2 record

Week 9: BYE WEEK

Week 10: Houston - Win

You NEVER give Kevin Stefanski 14 days to prepare for a team. Never. He's literally undefeated in similar scenarios as a head coach. And we're at home? Browns 27, Texans 17: 7-2 record

Week 11: Philadelphia - Loss

Again, old Tate would've chalked this one up as a win. At home? Against probably a backup QB since Carson Wentz just does not stay healthy. Idk about you, but I don't think Jalen Hurts is going to like playing up in the Cleveland cold. He's an Alabama guy. They stay down there in the comfortable SEC weather for a reason. But again, I'm trying to be realistic here. Could the Browns give this one away? Sure they could. It's the NFL. Anything can happen. We'll toss them this one and we'll take the next close one. Eagles 27, Browns 26: 7-3 record


Week 12: @ Jacksonville - Win

So I heard this one was supposed to be in England, but the old coronamonster is keeping us here in the states. I don't care if we play Jacksonville in Cleveland, Jacksonville, England, or on Mars: the Browns have far too good of a roster to lose to a team like that. Browns 31, Jags 14: 8-3 record

Week 13: @ Tennessee - Loss

Let me be the first to say that I'm not sold on how the Tennessee Titans won games last year. Do I like the run and defense strategy? Yeah, sure. But at the end of the day, I think their lack of QB is going to catch up to them this year. It's plain and simple: you need a great QB to sustain success in this league. And the Titans just don't have one. BUT, on any given Sunday, the draining of the clock with the powerful running game can upset anyone, and I'll give the Titans this one. I don't think the Browns will rattle off 6 straight wins to end the year anyways. So I'll give this one to the other guys. Titans 17, Browns 14: 8-4 record

Week 14: Baltimore - Win

I know that Week 5 against the Colts was what I said was the biggest game of the decade for the Browns, but if all goes according to play, this is now the new biggest game of the decade. That's what happens when you win. Each game becomes more and more meaningful. And so you're telling me that the defending AFC North champion Ravens are coming into Cleveland on a Monday night for presumably the rights to the drivers seat in the division? Cleveland will be a MAD HOUSE. And you know I already got my tickets last night. I just don't see how Cleveland doesn't show up on such a big stage. And I gave the Ravens the benefit of the doubt in week 1. It's our turn here. Browns 27, Ravens 21: 9-4 record

Week 15: @ New York Giants - Win

I'm sure there is room for this to be a letdown game after such a big win against the Ravens, but at the end of the day, this is OBJ's revenge game. That's all you need to know. Can you really see the Giants holding him to under 150 yards and 2 scores? I've went through every single possible scenario in my head and I don't see how OBJ finally doesn't unleash his god given talent and run all over the open field against his former team. Browns 28, Giants 13: 10-4 record

Week 16: @ New York Jets - Win

We'll be playing for the 1st seed and they'll be playing for the 1st pick in next year's draft. I don't like the 2 straight weeks in New York, but like, is it really going to matter against these Jets? As much of a joke as the Browns were LAST YEAR, they still made the Jets look silly. Now they finally have their stuff together, and like I said, the motivation for Cleveland will be to win. The motivation for the Jets in this game will be to tank. Browns 34, Jets 12: 11-4 record

Week 17: Pittsburgh - Win

Okay so the biggest question here is what is Baltimore's record? If they're 10-5 or worse heading into this week, do we rest our starters? Or are we playing for the #1 seed? I mean, the difference between going to Kansas City and the Chiefs having to come here in January is BIG. So I'd hope Stefanski keeps the foot on the gas if there's any reason to do so. Plus, it's the Steelers. I think this is game is a culmination of a great year to be from Cleveland. I think we route them in this one, and then we party for the next week since it'll be a bye. Browns 38, Steelers 13: 12-4 record

Welp, there you have it. 12-4 from an unbiased viewpoint. I honestly challenge anyone to come up with a FAIR argument as to how we don't win at least 12 games with this much talent. The fact of the matter is that the Browns face the Ravens in Week 1, and then they don't play another playoff team from last year until Week 10 against the Texans. We have the 4th weakest schedule in the NFL. We probably have the 1st or 2nd most talented team. Something just doesn't add up to the 8.5 game Over/Under win total that Vegas is offering. I know the government has been giving out stimulus checks and such to people under a certain income limit, but this opportunity has no caps. Free money is being handed out in Vegas. And this was from an unbiased perspective where I gave multiple toss-ups as losses. I just don't see how this team doesn't win 12 games.