Wake Up With Every Troy McClure "You May Remember Me From" Acting Credit

I had to start the day off by blogging about the alleged fish fucking man with the unbelievably long IMDB page full of preposterous Certified Rotten movies after Vibbs had myself and a collection of fellow Barstool professional morons on Lowering The Bar to rank our Top 5 favorite Simpsons episodes and supporting characters, which is the most devious thing Vibbs has done to Barstool employees, which is saying something. 

Troy McClure doesn't have the long list of appearances as some of the heavy hitter supporting characters like Krusty The Clown or Principal Skinner, but he was my number 1 supporting character (with fellow Phil Hartman voiced scumbag Lionel Hutz as number 2). McClure was always in the mix back when the show was operating at its absolute zenith and Phil Hartman's voice almost marks the Golden Age of the show. I will also never be able to think about Planet of the Apes without thinking of the Dr. Zaius song, which I am eternally grateful for.

Fuck, I think A Fish Called Selma may be creeping into my Top 5 for the day. Time to do the impossible task of ranking some of the best memories from my childhood for the next hour for no reason at all. Damn you Vibbs.

Full Lower The Bar below: