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Lay In Bed Refusing To Start You Day With This Fun Allen Iverson PSA

Ok, that was quick but what a delightful PSA from the 'ol 3rd degree!

If you would like to lay in bed refusing to start your day a little bit longer click Iverson's post about this year's *Iverson Classic award winners and scroll to the last frame which is a video of the winner's highlights. If you've been missing basketball it'll get your heart going & make you excited for the up & coming players we'll be watching during March Madness in the years to come.

*Via the site: It’s the only grassroots basketball event of its caliber that is run by a Hall of Fame legend who is hands on, engaged and involved directly with the players. These soon-to-be NBA stars actually train and compete under the guidance of Allen Iverson and other NBA legends.

Here's the players & some links if you're STILL not ready to get out of bed. Pretty impressive:

-Emoni Bates (Only a sophomore. The youngest ever Gatorade National Boy's Basketball Player of the Year)

-Cameron Thomas (Committed to LSU)

-D.J. Wagner (son of Dajuan Wagner and grandson of Milt Wagner)

-Diamond Johnson ( Record-breaking 2,576 career points in HS. Committed to Rutgers)

I couldn't find any videos for this year's yet (I'll be honest, I searched around and couldn't figure out if it had been cancelled because of COVID-19 but they selected award winners anyway? Or if it still went on?) but here's one from 2019: