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3 Years Ago Today: CM Punk's Pipebomb That Got Me Back Into Wrestling

Like most people, I watched wrestling as a kid. Then I kinda grew out of it, like most people. Then CM Punk dropped this beauty of a promo, and it made news. Big news. Like, it was on CNN and ESPN and everywhere. Because for the first time in forever, we heard an honest promo from a wrestler. He broke the 4th wall and told it as it was. Said that no matter how great you are, if you aren’t selling t-shirts, you aren’t being the top dog.

This promo pretty much turned the company around and allowed for guys like Daniel Bryan to become the top guy in the business. It allowed the WWE to really begin to cater to the people like me who like it for the story lines, who watch it because when a guy turns heel/face it’s legit fun and dramatic. This was just different.

As for if it was “real” or not, it’s been said that he was supposed to deliver a promo, but wasn’t supposed to go that far.