Does This Look Like The Face of a Mother-Of-The-Year Nominee Who Was Arrested For Having Virtual Sex With Her Imprisoned Boyfriend In Front of Her Child?

Sometimes a story comes along and the blog needs the Barstool touch applied. A blogger's commentary to add a little spice to the sauce. Jazz up the boringness of the professional journalistic delivery copied and quoted. 

This is not one of those stories.

This one speaks for itself.

We take you to Florida.


The Smoking Gun - A Florida woman was arrested for a video chat with her imprisoned boyfriend that allegedly turned into explicit virtual sex.

On March 25, Noelle Rascati, 32, engaged in a “virtual visit” with partner Tathan Fields, a 26-year-old who is locked up for 15 years at Santa Rosa County jail on burglary and grand theft charges, according to court documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.

After a review of Fields' prison phone calls, authorities said they discovered a video of Rascati in a bathrobe on a bed when she began to masturbate, while a young child could be seen in the room during the entire 12-minute clip.

About half way through the video, Rascati gets off the bed and goes to her closet and returns with a pink box, per the records. While "exposing her entire nude body," Rascati "continues to pleasure herself with an assortment of sex toys."

The child is seen walking around the room and talking, but it's unclear what is being said.

Rascati's own computer screen displayed Fields masturbating as well, which could be easily viewed by the child, per authorities.

Here's a pic of the classy fella Tathan Fields-


With a stage name like Tathan Fields I know you were expecting a Pierce Brosnan looking type (Thomas Crowne Affair Pierce, not Mrs. Doubtfire Pierce, of course), but may I remind you this is Florida we're talking about. 

Back to the story. 

Fields is serving a 15-year sentence on burglary and grand theft charges. While incarcerated, he has been charged with masturbating during a prison class taught by a female instructor and mailing a hoax weapon of mass destruction (both cases are pending). In the latter matter, Fields is accused of mailing a letter purporting to contain anthrax to the Santa Rosa prosecutor’s office.

What in the fuck?

Beating off during a class I can only assume was full?


Mailing an envelope of fake anthrax WHILE in prison? 

As detailed by investigators, Rascati’s virtual visit with Fields came a day before the convict celebrated his 26th birthday. In the video, Fields is wearing an orange jumpsuit and “sitting in what appears to be a jail pod.” Rascati, pictured above, was dressed in a pink bathrobe and perched on a bed in a Lake County residence.

After initially “speaking in a sexual nature to each other,” Rascati and Fields (seen at left)  “began masturbating while watching the other,” cops allege. Rascati, with her robe fully open, is seen retrieving a pink sex toy from a closet. She then uses the device “with her legs spread towards the camera.”

While “exposing her entire nude body,” Rascati “continues to pleasure herself with an assortment of sex toys.” While she is doing this, the boy is seen standing next to the bed and walking in the background. Due to the nature of the video call, cops noted, Rascati’s computer screen “also displayed the view of Mr. Fields masturbating, which is easily seen” from the child’s perspective.

Rascati was charged last week with engaging in lewd and lascivious conduct in the presence of a minor, a felony. She was freed from custody after posting $2000 bond, and is scheduled for arraignment on May 18.

Not really much to add here. My work is done.

ps - No the video isn't floating around. But for you sickos that are interested the court documents do read like Penthouse Letters