If You Rob The Dairy Queen Tip Jar, The First Thing You Should Do Is Send a Snapchat Of It

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Detroit - In St. Clair Shores, Dairy Queen employees say several young women swiped their tip jar full of cash. “I thought, oh my gosh. Here I am giving away everything today and they’re stealing what they can’t get,” says Dairy Queen owner Liz Hope. The girls were not the appreciative customers Hope was hoping to get when she handed out free ice cream cones Monday in honor of Dairy Queen’s 75th anniversary. She says that’s when a group of five unruly teens walked up to her stand on Harper Avenue and collected their free ice cream cones, but instead of thanking her she says they took off with the tip jar. “I think they have a lot of guts,” says Hope.  It was then discovered the girls admitted about the crime on the social media site Snapchat. There it was, clear as day, “robbed Dairy Queen tip jar,” as they each proudly smile for the camera. They sent it to all of their friends and then some. “I think they are stupid. I mean, really, who does that? They should be the dumbest criminals,” says Hope.


That’s the problem with living in 2015. It’s such a catch-22. I’ve had conversations about this a few time. You can’t just do something without taking pics, snapping it, tweeting it, nothing. The second I don’t live-tweet a Caps game I get people chirping that I’m a bad fan and don’t watch sports. It’s like yo bro, chill, Ovi just scored his 89th goal of the year, I have nothing really to add on Twitter to that. But that’s our world. You can’t just steal the DQ tip jar and not share it on Snapchat. Nobody will believe you. You’re called a liar and a pussy. But then if you do share it, you get caught. But that’s better than being called a liar and a pussy, right? It’s very complicated. I think you have to take the Snapchat. I think they did it correctly. It’s just narcs out there who needs to stfu. You can’t expect a snapcahat and then tattle tale when someone shares cool shit like that. We have to come together as a society and agree on that.