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Peyton Manning Roasts Tom Brady for His "B&E Arrest" Ahead of Their Golf Match With Tiger and Phil

No matter what Peyton Manning does, he can't help but just be the most likable, charismatic person in the room.

I mean, here he is sitting with one of the other best quarterbacks in NFL history, arguably the greatest individual athlete of all-time, one of the legendary broadcasters of our generation — and then Phil Mickelson is there, too — and all eyes are on Peyton. I just love this man so damn much.

And obviously all of Peyton's jokes landed and destroyed Tom, just as he and Tiger will on the course when the pairs square off in their charity golf event on May 24. This will not even be close. I can't believe they let Peyton be paired with Tiger and left poor Tom Brady out to dry with Mickelson, but such is life.

I am certain that there has never been a golf pairing with as much excellence as Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning and I can't wait to watch those two do battle with Lefty and Tom in a couple weeks.

Also, love the hat, Peyton.