Why Is There a Full Ohio State Bed Setup At The Bottom Of My Neighbor's Driveway?

Earlier today I was taking my dog for a stroll through the neighborhood when we came across this. An Ohio State cardboard cutout with a full bedroom set on the driveway. I instantly became flabbergasted.

What is this? Why is there a bed on a driveway? What is happening? I do not know these people so I don't have any answers. My initial thought was that this a Michigan family at heart and they chose to shame their kid and disown them by putting their bed outside. Power move and I respect that if that's what's happening. Is the future college student supposed to sleep outside as punishment? We're typically a Penn State town (it SUCKS) so there's a solid chance if the crazies get wind of what's going on that bed will be set on fire by sundown. I guess the rational thought process here leads me to believe this person got into whatever college today and this is the family's way of surprising bringing their bed outside on the driveway. 


Someone messaged me that the person's friends are supposed to come over and decorate the bed. Well why is the bed outside? We have bedrooms for this that are located inside the house. I just can't get by that part of the story. The fact that I'm supposed to walk by this and continue on with my day is lunacy. Plus corona is still very much happening. That bed has corona as far as I'm concerned. The most corona in fact. 

Am I that out of touch with reality these days that I have no idea what college kids are doing to announce their decisions? Is this on me? Am I the asshole? Congrats to whoever got into college, but it's supposed to snow on Saturday so you may want to bring the bed inside by then.