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Jim Harbaugh Calls For Undrafted Players To Be Allowed Back Into The NCAA

One of the big changes for NCAA Basketball over the past few years has been allowing players to declare for the draft, without completely losing their eligibility. If a non-senior declares for the NBA draft, participates in the NBA Combine, and then goes undrafted, he can return to the NCAA with his remaining eligibility. The rule makes sense and is a rare pro-player rule by the NCAA.

Jim Harbaugh is looking for this be applied to college football:

SOURCE-Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh wants college football players to have the ability to enter the NFL draft whenever they want to. He also wants players who go unselected in the draft to be allowed to return to school.

Harbaugh wrote an open letter Thursday addressed to the "College Football Community," laying out a proposal that would provide more flexibility for players who consider making the jump to pro football despite still having college eligibility.

Harbaugh also said he would like to see rules that allow college football players to consult with agents for advice before signing professional contracts, as long as the athlete doesn't receive any compensation as part of that relationship. Under Harbaugh's proposed plan, a player would be allowed to enter his name in the draft and return to school if he is not picked in the seven rounds of the draft. If a player is selected in the draft or signs a free-agent contract, he would relinquish the rest of his college eligibility under Harbaugh's plan

Last year, a record 49 underclassmen who declared for the NFL Draft went undrafted. This year it was 30% of underclassmen who went undrafted:


It would be a nice wrinkle if the NCAA allowed those 36 players to come back for their remaining eligibility if those players chose to do so. I'm not sure how the scholarship situation would work from program to program, but I'm sure there's a way to make sure it all goes smoothly. 

P.s. Speaking of Jim Harbaugh. Remember when he was a QB whisperer?