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Jet Blue Is Doing a Flyover In NYC Tonight Because We Live In The Dumbest, Most Bizarro World Imaginable

This is insanity. What does this even mean? There is no correlation between flying a god damn Jet Blue plane low over Manhattan and thanking the front line workers. None. That would be like me announcing I'm eating spaghetti for dinner to thank the nurses, use hashtag #NateghettiAndMeatballs to pay your respect to the doctors. It's senseless. It is without meaning.

And honestly, what a fucking waste of resources. Lord knows how much money it costs and man hours wasted planning for some corporation to fly their planes low around Manhattan, which is an outrageous idea to begin with. Like, I get the Blue Angels flyover. I think flyovers in general are too "rah rah 'Merica" dick swinging, but sometimes I guess that can be nice. It's so gaudy and over the top but at least Blue Angels are cool. Who in the fuck is going outside to clap for a fucking Jet Blue plane? WHO??? If you see anyone doing that you have every right to bash them over the head with a tack hammer. Repeatedly. 

And they say they are doing this to pay their respects to the first responders and front line workers. They even slapped a senseless hashtag #ClapBecauseWeCare onto the end. Please, find me the first responder who was like "you know what would make this all better? A Jet Blue plane flying over Queens. That'll do the trick.". 

I'm not even meaning to be mad online guy, I just want to be "can we stop and use our brains for 2 seconds" online guy. This is insulting. Do JetBlue really think so lowly of our collective IQs that we don't see what is really happening here? Are people really going to be like "I'm flying Jet Blue now because they support nurses". 

The truth is we'll all probably forget about this in a month, and we'll still buy airline tickets the same way we always have- whichever one not named Spirit has the lowest price. But them propping themselves up as these heroes is so outrageous I feel dumber for even being alive while it's happening.