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Are We Aware Golfer Erik Compton Who Shot a 68 At Congressional Yesterday Is On His 3rd Heart?

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Post – Erik Compton closed his first round of the Quicken Loans National with four straight birdies Thursday afternoon, a stellar run that gave him a 3-under-par 68, two behind leader Greg Chalmers. And yet, he knows his reality. “If I had 18 birdies today,” Compton said, “it would probably be the first question that I got. I’m used to it.” Compton is playing the PGA Tour on his third heart, a fact that became more widely known when he tied for second at the U.S. Open at Pinehurst two weeks ago. His first transplant surgery came when he was 12, the next in 2008, when he was 28. Now he is trying to concentrate on his golf — including a quest to make next month’s British Open. “I’d like to think that my game, when I’m healthy and I’m feeling strong, my game is good enough to compete out here,” Compton said.

If Tiger is just gonna be bogey’ing his ass off this week, I need someone to root for. And this story just caught my eye and I’m all aboard the Erik Compton bandwagon. How do you have 3 different hearts? That’s crazy. I knew you theoretically could get heart transplants, but didn’t realize if your heart sucks they could just throw it away and hook you up with a new one. It makes sense I guess, but how many hearts can you go through? Do you get to pick your heart? Like, the same way you see swatches so you know what color you want to paint your house, do you do the same with hearts? Does each heart have pros and cons? I’m so interested in this. Can he tell that his current heart is different than his last heart? Can I just trade my current one for an upgrade? My heart has had way too much Chickfila for how young it is, would love to start fresh with a new one. Anyway, good luck to Erik Compton and his heart. Probably not in his best interest to win though, a 4th heart transplant doesn’t sound great.


PS: Is this his wife or daughter? You make the call.

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