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The Trailer For The New Roy Halladay Documentary Coming Out This Month Will Give You Goosebumps

If that doesn't make you feel something deep down, then you never watched Roy Halladay pitch.

There are, and were, plenty of great baseball players who had their fair share of haters. People who disliked them simply for being good, for the way they carried themselves, things they said, things they wore, etc. Nobody hated Roy Halladay. Everybody respected him, enjoyed watching him pitch, admired his excellence and dedication to the craft. That was a universal opinion. But like the trailer says -- people knew the pitcher. Very few knew the person.

I had no idea that Halladay was battling so many demons. I was stunned when the reports came out that he had high levels of amphetamines in his body when he died. That didn't seem very Halladay-like to be dabbling with anything in that department. But Roy's wife Brandy says it right there in the trailer. She believed that he was an addict. That's just not the Roy Halladay that the world once knew. It's incredibly sad that that's the Roy Halladay that his wife would eventually grow to know.

As we also learn in the trailer, I think it's awful that the expectations of perfection that Roy felt throughout his career contributed to his depression and anxiety, which we can probably assume led to his addiction. I think it's weird to say that I'm "looking forward" to watching this documentary, because I don't think we're getting much of a feelgood story here. But I'd be lying if I said my eyes won't be glued to the TV when it airs.

Halladay was one of the best pitchers of an entire generation. He was a model of success, and he was THE blueprint for the hard work that it takes to reach the top of the mountain at the major league level. He's also now a sad reminder that sometimes that comes at a price. Regardless of how it ended, the man will always be a legend.