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Tyson Fury's Dad Wants to Fight Mike Tyson, Irish Travelers, And A Gypsy Family

***DISCLAIMER: The following blog was written by Billy Football. Thoughts and opinions do not represent the views of me, Jake Marsh. I am just helping Billy get the blog posted.***       

Came across this tweet today, wouldn’t expect any less than the father of Tyson Fury to be a tough SOB crazy enough to challenge Mike Tyson. I decided to delve into John Fury and see what his story is and ended up learning a lot more about the Fury family and the culture of the Irish Travelers. 

So John Fury is a 55-year-old former boxer and bare-knuckle fighter, Standing at 6’3 6 inches shorter than his son Tyson, he has another son who is half brothers with Tyson called Tommy Fury, who is a reality TV star also a boxer but looks like ur average Instagram model (No disrespect but tbh he looks too clean-cut to box). John Fury also has a Nephew named Hughie Fury who is a heavyweight boxer standing at 6’6.

Now John Fury, Tyson’s dad, comes from a long line of bare-knuckle brawlers of Irish Traveller’s roots. From what I have watched in Peaky Blinders, I can imagine Bare Knuckle brawling was an extremely important skill for Irish travelers as no local pub residents were very welcome to strangers rolling into town and holding your own was essential to survival as a nomadic people. Now John Fury held the title of Gypsy King before Tyson, and his Uncle Peter Fury (Father of Hughie) also held the name at some point. 

 ...Then once I started delving into Peter Fury things got pretty interesting. So Peter Fury, Tyson’s uncle, was Tyson’s trainer when he beat Wladamir Klitschko (Klitschko’s are also a pretty dope family). Now I don’t believe in airing dirty laundry, but Tyson Fury has since parted ways with Peter for whatever reason but there is a lot more behind that.

Peter spent 10 years in prison for like big-time Drug pin charges. Some have said that he was one of the biggest drug kingpins in Northern-England, but the man has done his time in prison and I believe in second chances and Peter is now living comfortably in the south of France in a nice villa with sports cars. 

Peter Fury is the type of guy to yell at a press conference at a rival, 

"Who gives a f*** about you or your f****** bodyguards? We come from the street, f*** off d***head, squealing like a pig. You don't belong in fighting circles, let the men fight, f****** dummy!"

Now Peter Fury is basically a real-life Tom Shelby and John Fury is basically Arthur Shelby. So if John Fury wants to fight Mike Tyson and is willing to die in the ring then let him! Tyson’s house got firebombed one time like what the hell. If there is one man who would be crazy enough to say he would die in the ring with Mike Tyson, it's the guy whose son is a heavyweight champion of the world, brother is a former alleged drug kingpin, and another son is a reality TV star. 

P.S on the Peaky Blinders analogy then the Reality star Tommy Fury is like Michael Grey and Hughie Fury is like Finn Shelby

More in-depth look on Irish Travellers

Side Note: Tyson Fury being open about his mental health is huge for men everywhere. The Heavyweight Champion talking about perceived “Mental weakness” I guarantee is going to save lives and prevent senseless loss.