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Embrace Debate: Should San Francisco Be Supplying Weed, Booze and Methadone To Homeless Addicts At Hotels They Also Provided?

Recently we covered a story on Hard Factor that was a bit controversial. 

According to KTVU, the San Francisco Department of Public Health confirmed on Wednesday, that they are providing nicotine, weed, booze and methadone to homeless addicts in recovery that are being housed in hotels. This topic has caused a shit storm almost as large as the actual shit storm in San Francisco. 

First Tom rings the alarm bells on May 1st.

After a lot of backlash, as well as a lot of support the SFDPH decided it would be a good idea to inset itself into the discussion.

Clyde rushed to the homeless' defense and addressed T Wolf by name, so it was off to a good start for people in support of the decision to supply a hotel and several drugs to the homeless.

Then the mudslinging started. 

Tough look for Alexa's nephew. Also her handle is @Imdrinkinggin.

Another family member thrown under the bus, unclear if they are homeless or just a major inconvenience to their family. 

A bit of my Dad can beat up your Dad state pride was mixed in. 

Jorgio was nice enough to provide a video lecture on the subject of wet housing. Thanks Jorgio. 

As you can see this thread is a bit all over the place and a lightning rod topic for debate so what do you think? Leave a comment and maybe it will make the Top 5 on the next 'Barstool Comments of the Week Show.'