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Here We Have Tiger And Phil Talking Shit To Each Other Over Green Jackets In The Lead Up To 'The Match 2'

And we're off! Sorta. That felt more like an awkward comedy skit than genuine shit talking between two of the greatest golfers of all time but I guess we'll take what we can get. Phil has decent dad-like comedic timing and Tiger........well let's just say that Tiger has, over the course of his life, remained focused on being the best golfer of all time and didn't leave room for much else.

Brady was nice enough to give a couple courtesy chuckles throughout the video but Peyton stayed like this the entire time 

Stone-faced and barely amused/awake. We did a couple more details out of the interviews. The Match 2 will be down in Florida at Medalist like people assumed and it'll be Sunday May 24th. So there ya go.

A little bit more shit talking but this time from Peyton

MUCH better.