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Kinda Hot Mom Charged With Child Abuse After Cheering On Her Daughter In a Middle School Fight


Breaking 911 - An Albuquerque mother, Nicole Morlan, was charged with child abuse after she was seen on video cheering on her daughter in a fight, deputies say.


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I don’t get it, what did they want her to do? Of course she’s cheering for her daughter. That’s what a good mother does. Shows up and supports. Some mothers go to soccer games, others go to ballet recitals, this one happens to support her daughter’s endeavors of beating up her classmates. Different boats for different folks. The important part was she was there for her. So many dead beat parents out there that don’t give a shit what their kids do. Not this lady. Rain, snow, hell or high water, she’s there for her girl. Can’t ask for anything better than that.