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Big Ben's Offseason Workout Plan Is Hilarious

Big Ben has made it clear that he is not finished in the NFL. The 38-year-old is betting against time, but thanks to advances in nutrition and training, Big Ben could have a successful year. Look at Tom Brady! The soon to be 43-year-old has shown no signs of slowing down thanks to his infamous TB12 program. Coming off an injury, you'd think that Big Ben would take a TB12 approach. Maybe call is BB7. Sounds cool. 

Turns out that Big Ben is doing his own training program this offseason, just not like Tom Brady. The BB7 program looks like this:

BB7 program:

-Yoga (instructor has to be hot, will raise your testosterone)


-A few beers, instead of a lot. 

God bless you, Big Ben. There will probably never be another QB like you ever again. Instead of making fun of you, I'm going to embrace you for your final years. If quarantine has taught us one thing it's to enjoy what we have, when we can.