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Happy 25th Anniversary To Reggie Miller's 8 Points In 8.9 Seconds

I just can't get away from blogging about Reggie Miller. 

25 years ago tonight one of the most legendary comebacks in NBA history by Miller and collapses by the Knicks happened at Madison Square Garden. 

8 points in 8.9 seconds to be exact. 

Back-to-back threes. "Starks choked". And the rest lies in Indiana lore forever. 

Damn these clips make me miss NBA on NBC so badly. 

Around Indiana the minute you hear "8 points" your mind just subconsciously follows with "9 seconds". It's like something that you'd joke around about while shooting in the driveway and your buddy would say "damn that'd be crazy" but then it actually happened in a real game at MSG.