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Accidental. Belly. Flop. City.

Remember pools? I barely do but I do remember accidental belly flops and they truly are one of the 7 wonders of the world. The stars really have to align for an accidental belly flop to happen, but when it does, it's really unlike anything else in the world. It's one thing when a person does a belly flop on purpose. I never understood those people in the slightest. Those people need to put through a series of mental tests to determine what's wrong with them. Because there's something off abut a person who jumps off an elevated surface and voluntarily smacks all of their bodily organs against a floor of water. And an accidental belly flop obviously sucks the most for the person who experiences it but just hearing an accidental belly flop causes a visceral reaction you can feel deep in your stomach. The sound of an accidental belly flop is one of the most unmistakable sounds right up there with a bomb exploding or a gun shot going off. When you hear it, you know something horrific just happened.

This guy speaks for all of us

Oh shit is correct, sir. Thoughts and prayers to that girl.