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Imagine Risking Your Life During The 1918 Spanish Flu To Watch Georgia Tech Play Football

The discussion behind a 2020 college football season continues on. Right now things are looking good. Hopefully, the discussion turns from 'is a season going to happen?' to 'will there be fans in the stands?' That would mean college football will be a go. 

I'm no scientist, but I think it's fair to say that the 1918 Spanish Flu was much worse and more deadly than the coronavirus. So, if you think going to a football game this fall is crazy, just imagine it times 10. If anything, this shows that college football fans being crazy is nothing new. It's in our DNA. Our blood!

I didn't know this about this, but back in 1918, Georgia Tech was known as the Golden Tornado (this is definitely a sex move now). They were also coached by John Heisman, who the trophy is named after. No word if they ran the triple-option back then. 

They beat NC State 128-0 during in 1918 on their way to an SIAA (SEC) championship. Their one away game was located in Pittsburgh...they lost 32-0 to the Pop Warner coached team:

SOURCE-As the Panthers were sitting around, awaiting Warner's pre-game talk, Heisman began to orate in the adjoining room. In his charge to the Tech squad, Heisman became flowery and fiery. He brought the heroes of ancient Greece and the soldier dead in his armor among the ruins of Pompeii. It was terrific and the Panthers sat, spellbound. When Heisman had finished, Warner chortled and quietly said to his players: 'Okay, boys. There's the speech. Now go out and knock them off.'

Outside of that game, Georgia Tech allowed 0 points all season long. 

I bet when you woke up today you didn't expect to have a history lesson on the 1918 Georgia Tech Golden Tornado. The glory of quarantine.