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WOW: Model And Marilyn Monroe Look Alike Lives In The Icon's Home And Is Just As HOT

DM - A Marilyn Monroe lookalike who lives in the actress's former home is sharing video tours of the Hollywood Hills mansion - and reveals some of the fascinating discoveries she's made. Jasmine Chiswell, 25, from Lanarkshire, Scotland, is a dead-ringer for the Some Like It Hot star and has taken social media by storm. The blogger has shared video tours of the Mediterranean-style home Marilyn shared with Joe DiMaggio in the 1950s, including a look into her 'haunted' bedroom. She also unveiled some of the surprising discoveries she's made while living there - including finding the star's signature on the ceiling. 

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YOWZA!  Talk about SOME LIKE IT HOT!  Amiright!  See what I did there, kids, that's a reference to the Marlyn Monroe classic 1959 blockbuster - "Some Like It Hot"!  Happy birthday, Mr. President, indeed!  Cue it up, Paul and the boys aka "The Beatles"!  

PS - Also please check in on Fortnight boy for me!  He thinks he's doing something with his life streaming for literally days at a time! Go tell him to thank me for earning his paycheck for him please with all these PAGEVIEWS!