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UFC Embedded Features A Pretty Cool Behind-The-Scenes Look At Things This Week

UFC Embedded, the company's virtual docu-series following its athletes in the days leading up to its pay-per-views, has been a staple of 'Fight Week' for years. From Conor McGregor punching out the flame of a candle, to the infamous Chad Mendes pigeon catch, to Cowboy Cerrone doing crazy Cowboy shit, to even the occasional scrawny nerd not only appearing, but getting his own nameplate...

...Embedded has provided a TONNN of iconic moments in its programming for us over the years. 

Even still, hundreds of episodes in, I don't think we've ever gotten the side of things shown this week, which included some of the production team/UFC warehouse staff being highlighted, and I honestly thought that was the coolest shit in the whole episode! 

I'd actually like to see more of that kinda shit going forward, because you can only watch so many fighters spar/workout/take ice baths, and of course - get a haircut - which Dominick Cruz of course did in the following installment...

All of the early stuff kinda reminded me a little bit of Dana White's old school Fight Week Vlogs…not sure how many people remember those, but they were awesome. Seriously, though - they've got something when it comes to the art/process of putting on events. There was something weirdly intriguing about that whooole segment. Maybe that could be a Fight Pass show or something.

Hopefully we've got more of this stuff on the way in the next few episodes!