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The NFL Competition Committee Officially Cuncelled Da Pass Interference Review Rule

Congratulations to the NFL referees for winning this power struggle against the NFL. Proving you don't like a rule so much that you will consistently do part of your job so comically bad that people think it's on purpose is no small feat. George Costanza himself is probably applauding the zebras this morning.

I personally hated the thought of pass interference calls being reviewed just because a big fuck up happened on a big stage and the Saints weren't going to stop stamping their feet and holding their breath until a change was made. But the league approved it, gave their ruling to the refs, and the refs spent an entire season saying okay as they nodded on the other end of the phone and did the jerkoff motion. Once this play wasn't ruled pass interference, the NFL had to know this experiment was over.

The only way the ref and the review judge could say that wasn't PI is 

1. If they had big money on the Ravens 


2. They were playing against DeAndre Hopkins in fantasy

There's no other possible explanation. So thank you NFL refs for taking a stand and showing the amount of disdain for this rule that Michael Jordan did for anything that came out of Jerry Krause's mouth, which in turn saved NFL coaches from themselves by challenging a play that is definitely not going to get overturned. Now the league office can focus on more important things to improve the game before the next time football is played by figuring out what the fuck a catch is once and for all.

P.S. You can't tell me it's a coincidence that this ruling came after NFL Network played the Fail Mary game the other night. I bet the big wigs in the league office remembered just how shitty replacement refs were and realized they are stuck in this marriage with referees until we finally get robot refs.

LOL funny even after all these years