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The NFL Needs To Give The American People What They Want And Put The Browns vs. Cowboys Game On Thanksgiving Day

Alright so obviously the NFL is releasing their schedule tonight, and the only glaring thing about the Browns slate (aside from it basically being a bakery because there's so many cupcakes on it) is that we head to Dallas this year. Oh baby does that open up quite the realm of possibilities. What is the NFL going to do? Cleveland at Dallas is going to be the biggest game of the week no matter what week it's played, so do they really make it Week 1? I know a lot of people are saying it's going to be the Game of the Week right out of the gate, and I get that. The first week of NFL football after the coronavirus, whenever it's played, is going to monumental. Sort of like when George Bush threw out the first pitch after 9/11. I envision something similar when Baker calls the coin toss in Dallas. And plus, after all this mess, the NFL has to give people what they want: Browns football. If we play Week 1, that'll probably contend for one of the most viewed regular season games of all time. And while that would be fine and dandy for the leagues pockets, I don't want it. Give me the Giants or Eagles or some other flaky croissant in the first week. I want to save the Cowboys for the primest of all prime times. I want them on THANKSGIVING DAY.


I demand it. I'm not asking. I'm demanding it. The Browns have been held down for far too long. We're ready to explode. This would be our coming out party. We've got the talent. We've got the fan base. We've got the gravitational pull with Baker and OBJ and Myles the Murderer Garrett. America's former team vs. America's new team is not just what the people want, it's what the people deserve.

I know some people are reporting that the AFC and NFC are playing in the first four weeks of the season, and that would take this out of the equation. But screw 'em. Has a reporter never been wrong before? And also, what kind of scheduling decision is that? I get holding the divisional games until the end, but who cares when you sprinkle in the cross-conference games? That doesn't need to be set in stone, no exceptions. The one exception to the rule could be Browns @ Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. The entire world would want to see it.

Literally, find me one person on this Earth that wouldn't want Browns at Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. Just one person and I'll shut up and go on my way.



Exactly. The people of this country have suffered enough during this pandemic. Morale is at an all-time low. Give them something to look forward to. Give them the most talented, most polarizing, and soon to be most popular team in the country on Thanksgiving Day against the big bad Cowboys. Do this for the people.

**Am I going to regret this on Thanksgiving when my favorite day of the year is ruined because the Browns embarrassed themselves again on national television? Yeah, probably. But this is going to be one of those things where I need to find out for myself. Kind of like when everyone said "Oh, you don't want OBJ. He's all drama and no performance". Had to find out for myself.