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Now This Is A Diabolical NBA Twitter Quarantine Debate

Another day another brutal Start/Bench/Cut for us to debate on the internet. Three of the best point guards ever to grace the NBA, this really was only a debate between two guys in my opinion. Every one of them brings a different skillset to the table, all three have multiple titles, and all three were pretty important in terms of NBA History. They all helped change the game on some level, so you could make a case for all of em. After thinking through it, this is where I netted out.

Start: Magic Johnson

Like I said, one of these was a no brainer and it's starting Magic. He's the best point guard of all time. Does that make me violently ill to type? A little bit but listen facts are facts and I can't sit here and pretend like Magic wasn't one of the best players ever. How would anyone take you seriously if you debated that? It's simply ridiculous when you look at his accomplishments. A total of 12 All Stars, 3x MVP, 10x All NBA, 4x AST Champ, 5x NBA Champ, 3x Finals MVP, 2x STL Champ, 5th all time in assists, a 6'8 cheat code, anyone who doesn't start Magic in this exercise cannot be trusted as a human. 


Bench: Steph Curry

Now this is where things get tough. You have arguably the best small guard ever matched up with a player that legit revolutionized the sport. What makes it tough is the different eras and how drastically different their style of play was. Remember, Isiah sacrificed a lot of individual production for he benefit of those Pistons teams. His numbers would for sure look a lot better had he just said fuck it. You could argue Steph did the same with KD, but that's not exactly true. His FGA was basically the same during Durant's GS tenure. 

For me it comes down to this. As great as Isiah was, I can't put him ahead of a 2x MVP (one unanimous), a guy who has a scoring title under his belt, more All NBA teams, a 1x steal champ and the greatest shooter ever. Can't do it. He might not be the defender Isiah was, but for his career he has a the same STL%, a slightly better BLK%, better DBPM, better REB%, which makes it close enough for me that Curry's offense is the deciding factor. 

Cut: Isiah Thomas

I know this is going to upset the olds out there, and I don't mean any disrespect. It takes someone like Steph Curry to even consider bumping Isiah, so it's not like we're talking about any random guard. That's what makes this so tough, Isiah was so fucking good. Maybe part of this is the fact that I have more memories of watching Curry than Isiah, but when you're someone that literally changes the way the game is played essentially forever, I can't cut you. I'm sorry. 

So that's my list. Is your's different? If so let's see it and explain yourself.