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Apparently Michael Jordan Wouldn't Let Horace Grant Eat Dinner If He Had A Bad Game

[Source] - It seems as though he was correct. Sam Smith, famed writer of "The Jordan Rules," was one of the first journalists to expose Jordan's darker side. He appeared on the Tolbert, Krueger and Brooks Podcast and told exactly the sort of story Burns was afraid might not end up in the documentary. According to Smith, players used to tell him that Jordan would deprive teammate Horace Grant of food after bad games.

"Players would come to me over the years and said, 'You know what he did? He took Horace [Grant's] food away on the plane because Horace had a bad game,'" Smith said. "[Michael] told the stewardesses 'Don't feed him, he doesn't deserve to eat.'

I'm sorry, what? He just wouldn't let Horace Grant eat? There's gotta be more to this. Horace Grant is not a small dude. You're telling me that he couldn't go to a stewardess and say give me my food? Or just take food? Feel like that's gotta be the play here if you're Horace. You gotta use your size, even if you're not Michael Jordan. 

But talk about some mental warfare and Jordan being an asshole. It's perfect. This is honestly more brutal than him punching Steve Kerr or Will Perdue during practice. You just were out there hustling your ass off, being the other guy on the court with Jordan and Pippen, all you want to do on a plane is eat some dinner. But instead MJ is out here roasting you and refusing to let you eat. 

Gotta wonder how many times Jordan tried to do this with Jerry Krause. That man wasted no moment to make fun of Krause and he was a hefty fella. You gotta assume he went after Krause's dinner a few times. I just can't imagine being Horace Grant here. You're just trying to eat a little dinner after a game. What an all-time asshole move by MJ. 

If Horace Grant didn't convince someone to give him a sandwich, even if he sat in the bathroom to eat it, he was doing it wrong. Summed up perfectly by our Mickstape guys: