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Joe Burrow's High School Hoops Mixtape Just Dropped From The Clouds And Is Actually Awesome

I'll be honest, the most shocking thing about this is the lack of shit talking. Joe Burrow seems like the type of dude who would chirp the entire game. Figured you'd see him break out a shrug or just instantly start clapping the moment he drills a three. Speaking of chirp, here's the obligatory most disrespectful play in college hoops: 

Joe Burrow gets buckets though man. Decent form on that shot. Can't say it's that surprising. Burrow averaged 17 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists over 3 years! Granted he was playing out near Athens, Ohio - which shockingly isn't a hot bed for hoops talent, he's still scoring. 

Burrow plays exactly how I expect though. He's not going to take a charge. He's going to pump fake, in and out dribble and hit a layup. He's going to have perfect BEEF on his jumper. That said, he's got some problems in Cincinnati if he wants to team up with Tee Higgins on the court.