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NSFL: DON'T WATCH If You're Squeamish. Indian Man Bites A Snake To Death

I don't even know what to say about this video. Stunned into silence. I saw a headline read "angry drunk man bites snake to death" and thought, "that can't possibly be what I think that means. Let's click the video", and it was actually much, MUCH worse. Like I said...don't watch it if you're squeamish. I wish I hadn't, but I can't unsee it. 

It's quite possibly the most savage move I've ever seen on the internet. If this were me and I came across a snake while riding a dirt bike I would hit the brakes and JET in the opposite direction. Best and bravest case scenario I run it over. This guy stops his bike, picks up said snake with his bare hands, and fights the snake on the snake's terms. Mano a mano. Teeth on teeth. He wasn't snacking. He wasn't craving snake. This was *Ja Rule voice" MURRDDAAHHH

I need to know what this snake did to him. What could cause this much rage. Snakes are assholes, historically speaking, but nobody deserves this kind of fate. I can't imagine that this snake fucked his wife or something. Probably just classic road rage. This man needs to be locked up before he does this to a person because this guy is DEFINITELY capable making the jump from snakes to a Silence of The Lambs dinner.