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The Cure To Coronavirus And Saving Humanity May Very Well Rest In A Female Llama Named 'Winter'

It seems only fitting that in the middle of a global pandemic that has stopped the world as we know it, a magical llama is here to save the day and rid us of this plague. I didn't even flinch at the headline. Perfectly normal considering what we've been dealing with. 

Belgian and U.S. scientists have been experimenting with a female llama named Winter to see if her nanobodies could help combat COVID-19. I won't pretend to know what nanobodies are, but they sound important. It seems like so far this is working. 


Their study allowed them to observe “exactly where the antibody binds to the virus’ proteins,” the spike-like molecules which cover the virus’ surface and which they said are essential for it to enter and infect host cells.

“By targetting these proteins, the antibody can neutralise the virus,” the scientists wrote, adding that, in contrast to vaccines, the benefits of antiviral drugs was that they offered immediate, if temporary, protection against a virus.

Listen I'm willing to hear all potential solutions for what it takes to get America and the rest of the world back on their feet. If I have to go buy a llama and have it spit in my mouth to cure me of this shit then I'm game. We talking hybrid people? It's about time. Let's get weird. If I told you that all you had to do was allow a llama to spit in your mouth and then you could live your life normally again you'd do it in a heart beat. You're an asshole if you say no. It'd be the most action I've gotten in years. Where do I sign? 

Your days are numbered Rona. We've got you cornered you son of a bitch. 

P.S. Can we just confirm there's a Simpsons episode about llamas being the cure for something before we officially move forward? No Simpsons episode and there's no way it's true.