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Nobody Had A Worse Day Yesterday Than The State of Texas


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Just a brutal brutal sports day for the state of Texas yesterday.  Texas getting beat basically wire to wire by a scrappy Butler team that was far less athletic and talented.  SMU getting an incredibly tough loss/screwed by the refs depending how you look at it. Baylor with the biggest choke job I’ve seen in a while.  Texas Southern had no shot so whatever.  Then it all came down to Stephen F Austin to come through and redeem the day as a popular upset pick, and they shoot like 0.2% from 3.  0-5 on Day 1 with 3 upsets.  (Texas was favored in that game by Vegas).   And it sucks too, I want Texas to be good, especially UT.  College sports are just so much better when you’ve got good Texas sports teams.


Has Rick Barnes been fired yet by the way.  Seriously it’s starting to get absurd he’s keeping this job year after year while consistently delivering 0 results.  An 11 seed and first round exit with this talent is ridiculous.


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