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If You've Never Seen Justin Gaethje's UFC Debut, Change That Right Now

Folks, if you haven't seen Justin Gaethje's UFC debut, do yourself a favor and take eleven minutes out of your day to change that right now. This is one of the most ridiculous swangin and bangin fights we've had in the past few years, and it'll serve as a nice substitute for your morning cup of joe. Either that or the seventeen other Wake Up blogs published this AM.

I'll never forget watching this live while I was on a shitty NJ Transit train coming back from HQ2, and just trying so hard not to absolutely lose my mind in the quiet car and go full "JUST BLEED" guy when Gaethje gets the finish...

Justin Gaethje fights Tony Ferguson for the UFC Interim Lightweight Championship on Saturday. I've got Ferguson in that fight personally, but he's super hittable, and that's a tough trait to carry when you're in the cage with Gaethje. Who knows what'll happen! Shit's gonna be awesome! Start getting hyped, goofs!