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Wake Up With Billy Crystal And Robin Williams Almost Getting Smoked By A Foul Ball

Would there be 2 funnier men to sit in a booth and call a baseball game with than the late Robin Williams and Billy Crystal? We've seen how big of a baseball fan Crystal is, when he suited up in Spring Training for the Yanks, and Williams would just be nonstop laughter the entire time. They were calling a Mets game when all of a sudden a foul ball shoots up into the box. Crystal and Williams both jump up, Crystal appears to get hit with something in the face but idk what it could be? Wasn't the ball? But when everything is settled, he's holding his face and Williams was handed the ball. Said it was his second baseball game ever and he gets a foul ball. Zack Hample would be proud. People go their whole lifetime without ever sniffing a foul ball, Robin was lucky enough to snag one in his second game ever. What a legend he was.