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Allen Iverson Once Left Sixers Practice In The Middle Of A Scrimmage To Go Eat Taco Bell Burritos

[Source] - Platt: There’s also a moment where he disappears from practice because his guy Gary Moore had Taco Bell outside in the little hallway, which was at St. Joe’s (where the Sixers practiced). Allen goes out, downs a few burritos and then comes running back in and rejoins the scrimmage.

This is from the oral history on Iverson's epic practice rant. So we'll start with the obligatory: 

But, naturally, since it's AI we get a million other stories. None better and none more that I laugh at than Allen Iverson just dipping out of practice to eat some Taco Bell. Iverson was always full of quotes. The dude once said he refused to lift weights because that shit was too heavy

He won MVP as a bony guy that was undersized. That's why him skipping a few reps during practice to eat some Taco Bell is fucking hilarious. And naturally he would have dominated the scrimmage when he checked back in. Just had to get some burritos and hot sauce in the bloodstream. 

Iverson has become somehow cooler for me over the last few years. It's mostly due to the fact he's the one dude who actually acknowledges how good the talent is right now in the league and refuses to be the 'well my era' guy. But more and more AI stories keep coming out and they keep getting better. Shit, they had to do Fan Day at Taco Bell just so he could eat: 

Lynam: You know the food that he loved to eat? Taco Bell. There was a reason we took him there when they would do the “Fan Day” (events), where they would stick players in different parts of the city.

I need Iverson to come out and say he ate this at halftime of games too. Just go all in on how much Taco Bell he ate. I'd believe anything he said at this point regarding burritos.