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The First Step Towards Basketball Returning Is Officially A Go


I'll take it! Even though not every state will be open by May 8th, from what I can tell they are slated to open a week after. That can of course change depending on what happens in the world, but this is the first step. Competitive advantage be damned, at least this is a positive baby step in the direction of the NBA coming back. That's all I want right now. I am fully aware we are still a billion miles from games coming back. Totally fine with that. I just need progress. I need something to show me that holding out hope for this long, now day 57, is worth it. If that first step is only a few players being allowed to work out with only assistants and trainers with no head coaches that's fine by me. As long as guys can get in the gym that's all I care about. 

Think of the alternative. Those Woj and Shams bombs could have been about how shit is going south and a return is all but cancelled. Sounds to me like we're not even close to that and are trending in the other direction. That feels like a win to me at a time when we all need a win. First it's limited workouts, then full team practices, then games, then the playoffs. Who knows or cares what month we'll be in when that finally happens, but you can't get there without this first step. 

Can you feel it? This is almost back