DMA's Should Be The Next Big Thing In Music

Last week, Nate and I recorded an episode of My Mom's Basement all about the legendary rock n' roll band, Oasis, and our mutual fandom of the group. We broke down how each of us got into the Mancunian band, reminisced on Nate convincing his parents that it was his lifelong dream to study abroad in college just so he could see them in London, and then ranked our Top 10 favourite tracks. You can find it on Spotify below or on iTunes HERE.


It was a really great time, and I've seen nothing but overwhelmingly positive tweets and direct messages from you guys about it, so I just wanted to say a quick thanks! Reading nice things about the podcast always feels so great - you have no idea! 

There was one message in particular that peaked my interest, though, from an Irish bloke named Liam McCagh that suggested I check out an Australian band called DMA's - which he likened to a "modern-day" Oasis. That's not a comparison I take lightly, obviously, so I went straight to Spotify to check these fellas out, and as it turns out...they're pretty fucking incredible.


Now I'm not so sure I'd go as far as calling the DMA's a "modern-day Oasis" when describing their sound, but the influence is undeniable (in not only their sound, but in their style and aesthetic as well), and you'll find comments comparing this trio to them under just about every video you could find of 'em on YouTube. It's also pretty much their entire Wikipedia page, unfortunately…

…but I do hear influences outside of Britpop in there too, like the Arctic Monkeys/Young The Giants/Black Keys of the world, and it's definitely not a Greta Van Fleet/Led Zeppelin-level influence thing (and that's coming from a big GVF fan, it's not a shot, nobody freak-out). 

Liam Gallagher himself is a fan, and not only gave DMA's the rare LG Seal of Approval, he took 'em on tour…


…and they even played a show with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds back in 2018…

…so if that's what the Oasis comparisons got 'em, I'd guess they're pretty fuckin thankful for them! I would be, anyway.

Both of DMA's albums come with the highest of recommendations from me, especially right now, where I'm currently in that phase where all of their music is so fresh and so perfect and I'm just falling head over heels with the entire catalogue. I'm completely and utterly blown away by the level of talent and songwriting skills these three have. 

I mean…listen to this fucking Cher cover!

Get on the DMA's train now and let's hope they make their way to the US by the time this quarantine is over! 

Thanks for the recommendation, Liam McCagh! I really appreciate it!